Designer Lab

This Designer Lab is here to help you get an idea of what you are wanting to see out of your custom apparel! If you can design your gear from this Designer Lab we will waive our $25 artwork fee, but if you need us to come up with something from scratch we can do that also, no problem!

This is the most important part of your custom order process because this is when you work with us to bring your ideas to life. In order to get your custom clothing order as soon as possible, this process requires a close collaboration between you and your sales representative. Therefore, it is important that you know what we need from you and what we can provide.

Our designers are experienced professionals who are always working to create unique designs for sports teams all over the world. The creative work that is the basis of the design of your TeamWork apparel is the same we use for our elite teams.

Our designers will work on concepts based on information provided; we just need to know your team colors (you can tell us your Pantone values or choose them from our color chart below) and where you want to place the logos of your sponsors, if any.

You can find a more in depth color selection here

We use the most premium colors and materials to give our clients apparel that will look good and last for long time. To achieve the best print results our color table contains the chromatic recipes in order to create the best possible definition on fabric.

It is important that your TeamWork product looks the way you expect it to, the best way to make sure the colors meet your expectations is to provide us with Pantone reference colors. Pantone is a global standard that ensures we're all speaking the same language when we talk about color, allowing us to do a better job of producting the colors that you ordered.

The best resource for finding the Pantone reference color you need is the Pantone bridge book which can be found in most stores; this book provides a side-by-side comparison of original Pantone colors and their digitally printed equivalents. You can also find examples of Pantone charts on the web.


Please note: The colors represented here are only for reference and are not an exact match to those that will be printed on fabric.

Team Logos

You can submit your own logos and other graphics as either high resolution images or as vector format. 

In order to achieve the highest quality we also ask that you provide all logos of your team uniform in a vector format. If you are unable to do so don't worry - our designers will be able to redraw them for you at an additional cost.

Vector graphics files store lines shapes and colors that make up an image as mathemtical formulas to construct the screen image, building the best quality image possible. The mathematical formula determines where the dots that make up the image should be placed for the best results when displaying the image.

These formulas can produce an image scalable to any size and detail, the quality of the vector image is limited only by the resolution of the display.

See below comparison between a rasterised image and a vector format.


.ai , .cdr, .svg, .cdr


  • Made of mathematical algorithm to form objects and lines

  • Scales without distortion

  • Made of pixels (tiny dots)

  • Scaled images lose quality

  • prefect for printing & photos

.jpg , .gif, .png

Please note that a PDF document can contain either a raster or vector image.
























Please specify an emblem by number and indicate size and location on your garment when ordering. Elements can either be one or two colors. Color one is represented here by using black; color two using white.

Design Layouts

You can choose a design layout you'd like your team name or element on your uniforms. 


See below our most popular fonts used in apparel designs. They ensure the most legible print; if you don't see anything you like here you can email or link us your font files that you would like to use.

If you are still struggling to choose a font click here for a wider selection.

If you want your lettering or numerals to stand out more you can refer to the styles as shown below.

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