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Need help ordering?

We are the nest when it comes to delivery and provision of custom and high quality sports apparel at competitive and cost competitive prices. No matter what the sport of choice is or the design of the apparel, we are able to make your uniform to be exactly what you want it be. Feel comfortable in your shopping experience with us as we are dedicated to bringing you quality and affordable products. To get started, just follow the following few steps below:


Contact us via email at (or fill out the form below) and provide the following information to start your ordering process:

  • Your name

  • The name of your team

  • The sport you are involved in

  • The colors of your team

  • The logo of your team (preferably vector, png or psd formats)

  • The date at which you need the uniforms to be available


1.We will provide you with an Artwork Disclosure Form that you’ll sign off on to receive your custom artwork. Once we receive your electronic signature, we will begin work on your artwork. To view our artwork Disclosure Form, please click HERE.


2. It will take about 2 - 3 days to get your custom artwork. As soon as you receive your artwork, please let us know what you think so we can make necessary changes, if any, to be able to meet your desired requirements.


3. Once you approve your custom artwork, you will be given an order form, a sizing chart and a quote for your desired quantity. However, you should know that we can also offer sizing kits to each player if the need be.


4. Once we receive your order form, we will provide you with an invoice via Square Payments. Once payment has been verified, we will start on the production of your custom uniforms and apparels


5. Three, no longer than four weeks later, you're order will be delivered.

Fill out the form below to get started!

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